Thursday, November 23, 2006

Giving Thanks

Today we got some emails from Julie. She is in Addis, and sent some pictures of Marta.

She is so shy she will hardly let Julie take her picture, even though they are close.

When Julie told her that I would be coming for her soon, this was her response.

Thanks God.


chel said...

Oh Rich, those two simple words are so profound. Your cup runneth over.

Thankfulmom said...

Such joy! We are so happy for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to post twice, just excited to hear from you.

Please email me, I know marta and Mekleet very well. Tell them that "Loga" from Canada says "Dehna Natchihue? Enne Eg'zabier Tesmesgun. America T'iru new? Enne betam dassentanna anchee heed Washington!" They have my address but it may have been lost. I've lots of photos and time spent with them, would love to chat. Please email me: logan_cochrane(at)

You'll need to change (at) for @, I just don't want tons of spam. Thank you kindly, Logan.