Sunday, January 28, 2007

One Year Ago

Last year at this time my son Jeff, our friend Jan and I had just returned from China with Song.

We were there for 2 weeks, spending time in Nanjing, a visit to Suzhou (his city), and in Guangzhou.

Our last full day in Guangzhou was my birthday, and we ate dim sum to celebrate, played on the playground and drank our last hot ginger cokes.

The day before we received Song's US Visa, which was a happy day. (If you couldn't tell.)

The morning of the 27th we got up early for checkout and the customary red sofa pictures, and began our long journey home.

It was a long fever filled trip for Song, but the greeting of Mom and family made it all worth while. We had known about Song and first tried to begin the process of adopting him 27 months earlier, so Lisa's smile was well earned.

He has been home a year now, and has made such progress. When we met him his only English words were "hello" and "good morning" which we heard maybe a thousand times while there, and now he talks non-stop in English, with very little accent.

He is learning braille, rides a bike, swims, and so many other things. The new things and wonders of parenting are different with adopted kids, but no less joyful or amazing.


Heather said...

Great post! Two joyous homecomings in one year- what a blessing. And still another blessing to come in 2007! Can't wait to read when your travel date is. Perhaps we'll meet in Addis!

Just Being Me said...

I love the pictures. He's a great kid and so blessed to be part of your amazing family. He is fun loving and adventurous. I loved seeing you guys the other day. Come back soon. N