Thursday, April 12, 2007

Who's Next?

We got home Thursday night, and on Saturday we had a meeting with our social worker for Marta's 2nd post-placement visit, so Meklit got #1 out of the way too. And, we were able to get a new home study visit out of the way too! Very efficient - home 2 days and having a new home study being worked on - I like it.

Meklit was settling in very well, so the visit went great. She said she would talk to AAI to see what they said about starting another adoption now or later.

On Sunday I wrote a VERY long email to Merrily to spell out just how I thought we needed to have the 6 month wait rule between adoptions waived - surely she has never heard these arguments before;)

On Monday we heard back from AAI saying the we would have to wait the 6 months, and then could start the process again. I wasn't disappointed though, because this wasn't from Merrily, just AAI staff quoting the rules. Also I know that if they are our kids, then God has this all taken care of, so no worries.

Then on Wednesday I heard back from Merrily, and just as I had prayed, she said that we could skip the wait, and begin when we were ready. She must have forgotten that I had told her in Addis on the way to the airport that we were ready, so off we go again.

And now I am SO tempted to tell all about who our kids are, but feel like I should wait. What I can say is that Denise was right, and the older girl and her little brother she asked me about are the ones who stole my heart and we are paperchasing to bring home.

Since coming home I have sent about 15 letters, pictures and scotch tape (to hang things on their shelves), and Marta sent 18 letters too, with a couple people who were headed over to get their kids. I have written letters to many of the kids, and sent them all pictures of themselves with their friends - they all love their pictures. And to my delight, I have gotten 4 letters back from the kids at Layla. And while all of them make my day, the one I have read over, and over and over is of course from my daughter, who doesn't know she is my daughter, or does she? Maybe God put me on her heart too? Who knows.

Maybe I can ask her soon...


Heather said...

Ahhh!!!! I LOVE the way God works to establish His Kingdom!!!!! Come Home soon babies!


Owlhaven said...


We have our first two (of 3) hs visits scheduled next week and I am really hoping that we should be well on our way to a complete study by the end of the month. (And certainly I intend to have our dossier done by then!)


Leslie said...

That is so wonderful Rich! I can't wait to hear how God brings these new members into your family!

Jenn said...

that is just wonderful! i am happy for you ... and them

Heather Friesen said...

Those Layla children can be addicting! Congratulations to you and Lisa and the kids!