Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Ragged Edge

Lisa and I leave the day after tomorrow, and things are getting to the crazy-hectic stage. There is of course the packing for us, which is daunting by itself. Lisa and I and stuff for the kids for a week and LOTS of letters, packages, books for the Layla library, Denise items...we will see how getting it all in goes!

Preparing for the addition of 4 more means not only beds for the new ones, but rearranging, getting rid of twins and doubles for bunks, lots more clothes, and the list goes on and on.

This is our truck after Marta and I made the last Costco run, with 5 new twin mattresses for new bunkbeds.

The bunkbeds I finished building last night to be stained today, moved into the boy's room tomorrow and ready for our return in a week.

We have family from both sides in and out, and to be honest our sanity is on the ragged edge right now, so the thought of a long quiet plane ride sounds so appealing right now. Just have to make it through tomorrow...

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Four weeks from today Lisa and I leave for Addis to meet (Lisa), be reunited with (Rich) and bring home these wonderful kids. They are Freweyni and Terefu in the back, and Ashenafi and Alemayehu in the front.

Five weeks from today we will be home with all 11 of our kids, together, and then the stretching and growing begins.

We are all so excited that we are beginning to drive each other nuts, which is just what most people think of us these days.

It is funny when people are looking at their pictures at our house, and we are talking about them. There will be this pause, followed by a these ones are "it", right? And we just smile and say only God knows...