Monday, July 31, 2006

Ours At Last

On Saturday we received Meklit's medical file and history from AAI, so today we sent the placement agreement back to them. We had sent Marta's a couple weeks ago, so now it is official. The girls are ours, and we are theirs, and we can tell them that!

I am pretty sure now that Julie Hehn can take our gift bags to them when she and Rich go on the 9th of August, and then they will know that they have a family. There is a gift bag for each of them, and each bag contains a t-shirt, a photo album so they can see what they are getting in to, a couple of small gifts for each of them, and a letter from us to them. Also there are disposable cameras for Julie and Rich (in this case) to take pictures of them when they are seeing us for the first time.

So with the placement agreements in, our dossier in Ethiopia, and our I-600A filed, we are ready to sit back and wait. Atleast they will know who we are now.


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