Friday, September 15, 2006

So Amazing...

Today I was driving down the Columbia River Gorge to The Dalles (a bigger town in Oregon where we go to shop) with Song and Joy, our 2 kids who were adopted from China. We were driving and jamming pretty good to Dwell, a Vineyard release from a few years back.

I started thinking about when they came home, the airport scenes when family and friends saw the dear ones we had been waiting so impatiently for, and in Song's case, the first time to meet Mom. Wondering what Marta's upcoming airport scene will be like.

Also I was thinking about our drive home from the airport with Joy, and the impact of creation on that little 4 year old Chinese girl who had never ventured outside her city of 4 million. She rode most of the way looking sideways out the window, slack-jawed, silent, in complete awe at the beauty in these pictures that we have come to take for granted.

As I drove along singing very loud and drumming on the wheel like I has the dude with the blue hair and the djembe on the recording, a song was really speaking to me about His love for us in honoring us with the task of parenting these kids. The song was Love Me Like You Do by Sheri Keller (now Sheri Carr), and it goes like this:
God of glory You have made all things, all things
Who am I that You would think of me, of me
For You made the earth, You made the stars
Yet You know my name; You know my heart
You're always there; You're never far away

So amazing as You paint the sky
So amazing, makes me wonder why
You love me like You do
You love me like You do
That You love me like You do
So amazing, so amazing

I see the birds ride on the winds, they fly so high
Mountain peaks so tall they seem to touch the sky
Creation calls Your name above
Yet in Your mercy and Your love
You came to give Your life that I might live

It really hit me to think of Joy, Song, Marta and Meklit coming to this place to live a life together in our family - that He chose us for them and them for us way back in eternity - such mercy, grace, hope and love - that He made the stars and still knows my heart - and this is what His love is like for us all, that He welcomes us to dwell with Him, and we can welcome Him to dwell with us in a relationship of this type of love. It is just as mind-boggling-slack-jaw-staring-crazy kind of awesome as Joy's response to the Gorge. It is simply, so amazing...


owlhaven said...

It is awesome.

Mary, mom to many miracles from God

shells said...

Awesome awesome, we were cincy vineyardites, and know that cd well. I will alway think that now when we sing that song! Thanks for sharing.

5KidMom said...

So Beautiful!!

skidmarksontheside said...

We just did that song yesterday at church... what a great song... so amazing...

keep slugging.

we love you all!

Heather said...

Dwell- one of my alltime favorites from the Vineyard. Has spoken to me on so many levels so many different times. You've inspired me to dig it out again as we and you are both eagerly anticipating the reopening of the courts.