Friday, September 01, 2006

Suffer The Little Children

God bless the Langdon family. While I don't know them personally, I feel like I do know something of their heart, and want to know and realize in myself their passion for going and doing. They are a family of 8 who used to live near us, and earlier this year packed up and moved to Malawi, Africa to start a new orphanage. I would say that they have heard and obeyed.

Based on what they have done, I think that they would say "right on" to Tom's post about Scary Books, my discussion about obedience, and Avery's holy rant about the good fight, as they are doing what most of us Christians in America say we all should do. They are walking their talk, and I pray that God blesses each step of their journey beyond what they could even hope for.

You can find them at Suffer The Little Children and read about their journey, the new babies in their lives, and better yet get connected to them to pray, support, or anything else God would have you do in response to what I would call their radical obedience.



5KidMom said...

I will definitely be following that blog. Thanks for sharing!

shells said...

Thanks for sharing this link-I loved reading and am going to try to send them some surprise encouraging mail!

The Barr Family said...

Wow that is so great! My husband's father was born in Malawi and he still has quite a bit of family there- one of the reasons we chose Ethiopia to adopt from...I just read your post on the AHOPE list and saw your blog- I am so glad I stumbled on it!