Thursday, October 26, 2006

Turning Blue

It has been a dry few weeks of writing for me as I feel like I have been holding my breath in anticipation of the girls court date and the desire to then make travel plans. I still haven't let out my breath...

There was an issue with the annual renewal of our agency's license with the Ethiopian government, and some new paperwork they wanted to see this year. That has been the delay, and yesterday we heard from our agency that the license has now been renewed, and they anticipate having news of a new court date for us either today or tomorrow. Good news as it is a step forward (after a couple back) but still very frustrating as it could be ??? when we actually get into court.

Travel for me would still be ~4 weeks after that date, so we have probably slipped into December for travel for Marta, and who knows when for Meklit. Sometime early next year. I know we have only even known about the girls since May, and didn't start our paperwork till June, but this is KILLING ME!!!

The other good news is that as I said below, our friend Erin is in Addis right now with her daughter Belane, and she has spent time with both Meklit and Marta, and her messages about the girls are very encouraging. She and Denise both say that Marta is VERY shy, and we will have to go slowly with her. That will be tough for me when I first get to Layla, and for our family when we get home, but God knew all about that when He chose us all for each other.

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Susy Q said...

I just had to say that your daughter seems like such a sweet, not to mention beautiful girl, and I'm sure she'll be a great big sister! Can't wait to see updates after you bring her home.