Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Post That Was Not

I was just finished with the below post, and it was saved to be posted Friday night, late, before our early departure for the airport the next morning.

Then we got a call from AAI, telling us that there was a problem with one of our kids. She had been removed from Layla that day. Needless to say, everything about our trip changed in that instant, and the post, as well as much of what we were going to do on the last night was forgotten.


Bags packed - 2 at 50# each, 2 more at ~70#

Lists written and instruction given to Lisa's 2 sisters and wonderful aunt Sue who are here to take care of the 7 we are leaving at home.

Groceries bought for 10 while we are gone.

Bunk beds built and in the bedrooms where they are made and awaiting 4 new tired kids in 8 days.

Kids kissed, tucked in and prayed for by Mom and Dad who long to be away and are already aching to have to be away from them.

Endless thanks and praises to God for His goodness to us.

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