Monday, October 22, 2007

Tuesday (part 2)

Sele Enat is a smaller orphanage where all of our Ethio kids except Mary started their journey home. Terefu really wanted to go there and say good-bye to the house mothers, and I hadn't been, and was eager to see another of the Addis orphanages.

The donkey train is on the road to Sele Enat, and as we took this picture I told the kids they would not see this in America. They looked at me like I was crazy.

It was touching to see the love that Terefu and the house mothers had for each other, and their obvious love for the boys. The boys weren't really emotional about it and mostly played, but still you could see the love the mothers had for them. God bless boys.

Lisa was on a love on the babies mission most of the trip, so we lost her for a while in the babies' room.

Occassionally she would emerge with someone on her hip, smiling from ear to ear, and then we lost her again.

But then, who couldn't fall for these little ones!

Sele Enat is a much more simple and humble place than Layla. Children move from places like this as room opens up at Layla, and we got to see these kids here one day, and arriving at Layla the next - their next steps towards life with families again.

The thing that all of the orphanages I have been to in Addis have in common though is the love for children that is so evident. These house mothers, and drivers, and guards, and cooks, and gardeners - who all love, and touch, and hug, and kiss, and speak words of acceptance and affection to these children - leave their marks on their lives.

Thank you God for their lives and what they bring to our children. Your fingerprints are all over them because of these people.

Bless them in return, Jesus.


Becky said...

Beautifully said. I thank God every day for the wonderful nannies and staff at both Sele Enat and Layla.

A Woman Who is: said...

Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us. I am in awe and wonder of your family and all that God is blessing you with.

Tom Zawacki said...

It's great to have you home!!

Narrator said...

Mr Hogan,
Hi! I found your blog linked to another Layla family blog who I keep in touch with. My husband and I volunteered at Layla 2 summers ago, and have had a great time getting in touch with some of the kids through the blogs and webpages of adoptive families! We had the great honor of getting to know Marta and Meklit while we were there. I'm so happy to see that they have found their family. I got to meet your new bunch once, too, while there were still at Sele Enat. I hope that you don't mind sending along some love and a 'we miss you' to your girls for us. We'd love to hear from you all, too, if you ever get the chance. We are sending lots of good thoughts and prayers for your family. I love your profile picture; you are so blessed!
Cera and John

Jim & Laurel said...

I enjoy keeping up with your blog. We have 10 bio. children and are in the process of adopting 4 from Ghana. My husband and I will be in Pasco this week (Wed. - Sat.) and would love to meet your precious family.



Melanie said...

We come across your blog when looking for somewhere to stay. I would love to ask you some questions about travel. If I could get an email address that would be great. My email is We are adopting two girls from Ethiopia and should be traveling around January.

Thank you