Sunday, November 25, 2007

The rest of the trip - part 1

This is taking such an agonizingly long amount of time that I am just going to post the remaining pictures and throw in a comment or 2 before we forget what happened.

Wednesday afternoon we had our embassy appointment, and spent time at Layla afterwards.

Thursday we went to AHOPE in the morning so we could see Sidisse, then went to visit an Orthodox church - one of Terefu's requests for our trip.

Then we had a great lunch at FinFin, did some shopping, and went to Layla for a while so Terefu could get her hair braided.

I don't have to say it, but I will - KONJO!

In the evening we picked up Denise and headed to AHOPE to throw a pizza party for the kids.

Denise captured the pizza purchase on her blog, so I won't go into our frustrations with buying mass pizza in Addis, but the kids loved it, and there is nothing like hearing many little children smacking away at pizza.
Ivy joined us at AHOPE and we all had a great time loving on the kids, spending time with friends, and longing for a day when these little ones don't have to be in this place.

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