Friday, November 09, 2007

Apple Baseball

Denise posted about Halloween at Layla House, and the kids got apples as one of their treats. It reminded me of a post I meant to do weeks ago.

We went to a great harvest party at a friend's house. They have a small orchard on their place, and apples were at the center of much of the food and activities.

One of the games was apple baseball, where an apple was pitched just right so it could be splattered by the batter. Kind of an applesauce shower for the pitcher.

The girls were giggling as they watched, and we were later talking about apples in Ethiopia. I hadn't seen any, but they said that they are there. They are just an expensive treat, and not something you get very often.

Then I got the giggling over the game.

In America there are just so many things we take for granted.

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