Saturday, October 03, 2009

Welcoming Home a Marine

Lisa and Jeff returned home late last night from San Diego, where she got to go and see him graduate from Marine Corps boot camp. She said it was a wonderful experience, and I am even more jealous after she returned than before. I had to stay and take my NRC written exam. Rotten timing for me to have to do that, but there you go.
He looks amazing though, and it is so good to see him and hear stories about his experience. One of the highlights for me is reading a letter to Lisa and I from his Battalion commander. In it he is explaining the award Jeff received for high shooter in his platoon, and just how significant it is. First out of 91 men. Proud Dad talking here.
Marine training is not just about fitness and shooting though, and his demeanor and actions are all about honoring his Mom, me and our family. The Marine Corps truly produces men. And Lisa and I could not be more proud of our Marine.

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