Thursday, August 31, 2006

Leave It To Avery

Leave It To Avery is a blog that I frequent from a guy who in many ways is similar minded to me. Not a common occurrence in my experience.

Avery is a Vineyard guy, who seems to look at church things from an out of the box perspective, and he and his wife Heather (who blogs at Burakaeyae) are adopting from Ethiopia as I write this. This is much of who Lisa and I are, and we have so few people who really understand who we are that I am drawn to these guys.

Oh yeah...he also has a great sense of humor, and just happened to pick me as his first "Caption Me Wednesday" winner, so I am his Wednesday Journeyman this week. But that has nothing to do with all the praise and sucking up, etc. Still very objective with my opinions.

Avery did what I wanted to do in July, which is go to Ethiopia to see his kids and he has blogged it all at his site, so go and check it out. A great adventure story from the heart of a father perspective.


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Avery said...

you forgot to post a picture of your award (I also forgot to mention that you are on teh sidebar as the award winner this week)