Monday, March 19, 2007

Day 2 - Back to Layla

After yet another bad night of sleep in Addis (for me that is, Meklit slept like a baby), Ted, Meklit and I headed to Layla for breakfast again. This morning it was bread with peanut butter and sweet, hot tea. The food is good, but the company is better than can be imagined.

When I had picked up Meklit, Gail recommended that I take her to a hair salon to get her ready for her going away party, and then for the trip home. What Gail hasn't seemed to figure out yet is that she has the best salon in town. I went to Tigist after breakfast and asked if she would braid Meklit's hair for her. She, Tsion and some of the other girls washed, combed out and then braided her hair beautifully. Have I said I adore these girls yet?

They had fun doing what they do best, gabbing, giggling and braiding hair - such a social event for them, and I got to hang out and play with the kids. I got in some b-ball time with some of the younger boys which was lots of fun.

I even sat through an Ethiopian History class with one of the Group 4/5 classes. Julie Hehn is the director of the Layla school, and she has done a wonderful job as have the teachers, and the work these kids do is tough. Not an easy task to teach a group of kids, some of whom will be there a while, and others a very short time. They are doing a great job.

My class time was rewarded by being invited to join the teachers for tea and cookies during break. I can see why this was one of Denise's fun times of the day.

Lunch was sega wat, green beans and more delightful injera. It is so funny to see these kids who do not want to eat ANYTHING green. I think it is universal. Marta is that way, and a bunch of the other older girls too. I thought they were great, and they were not impressed at all. There was one older kitchen mother who was really getting after the kids and making them all take a scoop of beans. Then the other kids who liked them would come later and help the now sad kids by taking them off their plate when grumpy kitchen mother wasn't looking.

We stayed and played through the afternoon, and then got a ride to Meklit's orphanage for her going away party.

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Erin said...

I'm loving this Rich. I can't wait to hear about the farewell party at AHOPE. The pictures of Meklit with Marta's friend are priceless.