Friday, March 16, 2007

Home With Meklit

Meklit and I got home late last night. What ever you do, if you can avoid a 3 day stay in Addis do it. The trip there, 3 long days to try and do what you want, followed by the trip home is just about enough to kill you.

This is a picture of 2 of Marta's close friends, Tsion and Rahel, and Meklit, a newer girl Maria and I in "J" class hanging out. Then picture of Meklit and Rahel. These older girls are just so amazing, and really adore Meklit. They took her everywhere with them while we were at Layla.

We had a great time, spent almost all of our time at Layla with the kids, and had a completely awful, emotional time leaving. I was a wreck and wanted to take so many home with us, but couldn't this time. I did tell them that I would be back though...

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