Friday, March 30, 2007

Going Away

Tuesday evening we went to Meklit's orphanage for her going away party. I was hoping it would be with all of the kids - both young and old, but it was such short notice that they could only have the younger kids and a few of Meklit's older friends.

It was still really good. Lots of singing and praying by the kids, and snacks and my first and only (so far) coffee ceremony.
It was obvious that the house mothers really love these kids, and it is a mixed bag of emotion when they are leaving. Like Denise told me a few weeks ago, it is so wonderful to see them doing well at home, but also hard to see them leave.

This is Hanna clapping with the white wrap on her head, and she is amazing. Such love for the kids, and this fun, playful, affectionate relationship with each of them. She got really emotional when it was time for us to go, and I said I would be back to visit her again. Last time I was there and she was taking a number of kid's temps with an under the arm thermometer I told her I would try to bring her something quicker. I took her a digital one that goes in the ear and she and the nurse were delighted.
The highlight for me was one of Meklit's friends praying over her. I have it on video as well as a number of the songs, so I don't know what she said, but it was so sweet.

After the party we went to see the big kids at the other compound.
They too are a delight, and their singing was beautiful.
The staff person who was with us and took us back to the guest house was very sweet, and very committed to teaching the kids.
She led the songs that she has taught them, and then led prayers for Meklit and our family that were so full of passion and faith. Wow!

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