Friday, August 03, 2007


Now that we are through court I can talk about some other changes our family has recently been through.

From the summer of 2001 through the summer of 2002 we lived in Hermiston, Oregon while I was starting up a new power plant there. I worked for Calpine. We drove ~35 miles north to the Tri-Cities to go to church at the Tri-Cities Vineyard, and during that year we became very close to a number of families there. Since that time we have wanted to live there, but never felt like it was something that we were to pursue.

Since we moved to Goldendale in 2004 we were close enough to head up to the Tri-Cities and hang out with our friends at what is now the Three Rivers Bridge, and maintain our relationships with our friends, and establish new ones. We still wanted to be there, but the timing wasn’t right, and we still didn’t feel like it was something for us to pursue. We figured that if God wanted us there He would get us there.

In February the plant I was managing in Goldendale was sold by Calpine to Puget Sound Energy, and I was hired by PSE to stay on and manage it for them. It is a great plant in a town that we loved, but over the next couple months it became clear that PSE and I and our family’s desires were not a good fit for each other.

In a very short period of time we became very discontent with many aspects of our life in Goldendale, and looking back we believe this was God’s doing – a holy discontent. His preparation so we would be ready to step through the door He was opening for us.

In May we drove the 2 hours to The Bridge for church and afterwards to some friend’s house for lunch. They asked how my job was, I said I was frustrated, and he said “are you interested in a job?” Until that very moment in time I would have said no, but in that instant it was just right and the answer was yes.

Long story short is that I interviewed for the job, was offered a position, and we moved at the end of June. It was a perfect fit for our family in so many ways, and I think that this is because we didn’t try to make it happen, and God made it all fit together in His timing.

Our house is perfect for us, in a great neighborhood, close to my new job which is such a good fit for me, where we can attend our church again, and we are in the midst of a bunch of families with Ethiopian kids. God has blessed us in so many ways through this move, and we couldn’t be happier. Now we are just settling in and waiting for the rest of the family to show up.


Nadine said...

I for one am glad you made the move. It's such a joy to see your beautiful family walk in on Sundays on a regular basis. I can't wait to meet the new additions. You guys are loved.

Tom Zawacki said...

Welcome to the neighborhood! It's great to have you guys back in town!


Heather said...

Rich and Lisa,
I haven't really been on the computer much these days, but I was thinking of your family tonight and wondering if you'd made it through court. And did you ever! With four! I have been praying for you since I heard about the possible restictions on family size. So happy to hear of God's faithfulness to your family- all 13 of you!