Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Still Waiting

The word we got from AAI is that power is out in Addis around the courts so only 4 cases were heard yesterday before they called it a day. Same today, and we are not one of the 4 families. So we are still waiting, and praying. Two of the many defining characteristics of an adoptive family. We should hear more news later this week as to our status, but for now it is just wait and pray.


Justine said...

Hi there,

We are just beginning our journey to adopt from Ethiopia. Can you please tell me what this family size restriction is? We have six boys and are wanting to adopt one or two little girls. This is the first I have heard of restrictions. Thanks so much!


Nadine said...

You guys are in our prayers. I pray it all goes well and you hear quickly good news.

Tom Zawacki said...

then we will wait and pray with you


Justine said...

Rich and Lisa,

I am praying for your case to be heard very soon, with favourable results. Praying also that you will have the other two 'your kids' come home soon too!

Blessings, Justine

dnyothers said...

Reading your story makes me so happy that there are people like you to bring these BEAUTIFUL children a family. The is truly blessed to have you all. I can't wait to meet all of your new family members..... GOD BLESS!!!