Wednesday, August 15, 2007

She's Back!

Denise Baker is headed back to Ethiopia, and will be blogging once again on Destination Ethiopia. She will be working for Adoption Link and hopes to spend some time at Layla House as well.

If you aren't aware, Denise was a volunteer at Layla last year for 7 months while Marta was there, and has become a friend of ours through our travels there and at home since she came back. She is an amazing person, and such a good writer.

Go and check out what she has going on - you will be sucked into life in Addis in no time.

We love you Deniseye! See you soon!


jen said...

Thanks so much for this heads up! I will be heading over there right NOW!

Shana said...

We just got back from Addis and got to meet and have dinner with Denise. It was great to meet the "infamous" volunteer.