Thursday, August 02, 2007

Nothing catchy comes to mind...

..other than We Made it Through!!!

Our case to adopt Terefu, Freweyni, Alemayehu and Ashenafi successfully made it through court today in Addis Ababa, so we are way more than happy to announce that we are now the proud parents of 11!

It feels kind of surreal. I wasn't sure what would happen, and really thought that we might get bumped out of court for some reason (need more info, some signature not quite right, etc.) and then have to wait through the court closure until October to try again.

As it stands, Lisa and I will fly to Addis on about Sept. 29th, be at the embassy on Oct. 3rd, and fly home around Oct. 6th.

Also, earlier today in Addis, Freweyni and Alemayehu found out about all of this for the first time. Because we added them to our case at the last minute, and there was uncertainty about the court's result they haven't been told anything. God bless them and their emotions as they find this all out and begin to process it all.


Angela said...

That is amazing news Rich. I am so thrilled for your family of 13! I will be praying for everyone, especially Freweyni and Alemayehu as they come to understand the changes that will be coming in their lives.


Shana said...

I saw your announcement that you passed on AAI's list. Congratulations to your family! We are heading there to pick up Biniam in two weeks!

Amy said...

Congratulations to your family! I will continue to pray for you all.

dnyothers said...


We will continue to pray for you. Your family has grown.. YEAH!!!
I am very happy for you.

Tom Zawacki said...


Jenn said...

Congratulations again Rich and Lisa!! You are both inspiring to me!