Thursday, August 17, 2006

My new clock

I love my new clock over on the right because I can sit here and see what time it is where my girls are without doing any math. But, like many things in life it is a blessing and a curse.

I love sitting here right now thinking it is 5:40 pm over there so they are near eating dinner (?), or in the morning (their time) wondering if they wake up happy or grumpy, and I love praying for them at bedtime, etc. But it is also killing me to think "what are they doing right now", "it is daylight over there, so maybe there is someone with them taking pictures of them as I sit here", did they wake up happy or grumpy today, and other much more manic thoughts.

I really wanted my clock to be something analog and real cool, but it needed to have the date and am/pm to keep me from having to think. Jeff wouldn't know what to think if I had something cool anyway.

So, all this to say I love my clock. Now, eat your veggies girls...


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