Saturday, August 12, 2006


The only word that comes to mind when I think of our girls, and what they do to me...I am smitten. For me there is something different about this adoption, and I am completely consumed with thoughts of Marta and Meklit while I wait. Some days I can't seem to do much more than think about them, and I just ache inside. I just want them to be home. This feels like such a long wait.

The process is so much quicker than dealing with China, so in reality it is going so much faster, but to me it feels like it has already been an eternity. I think I just burned another 3 minutes of the wait though!

Our friends Rich & Julie Hehn are in Addis right now, and spent some time with our girls. I woke up this morning to an email from Julie with lots of pictures, and her telling us that she took Marta to AHOPE to see Meklit yesterday, and had a wonderful visit with them both. She said:

It was precious to see them together. They love each other so very much. Marta is a dream, so sweet and caring.

The process is also so much different from China in that you regularly get info and pictures and first hand accounts about your kids. The flow of information is so wonderful. You can't wait until it is your turn to go over and be the one to help other families find or connect more with their kids.

The girls will get their gift bags in the next day or so, and then they will know about us. My hope and prayer is that they will be as taken with us as we are with them. It is hard to imagine that they could fall as hard as I have though.

So thank you Julie and Rich. You poured more fuel on the fire, and I am just smitten...



5KidMom said...

I can't imagine why you wouldn't be smitten. 8^) They are lovely girls. It will be so exciting for them to find out about their new family in the next day or two!! I know that Marta was really longing for a family when we saw her in April. I wish I could be a little mouse in the room when she hears the wonderful news!!

Erin said...

Rich and Lisa,
Your girls are gorgeous. :)
I am sorry the wait is so dang long and it is so miserable. I know all about it!! I hope that the wait goes faster than you think and that it is tolerable for you and your family.

I can't wait until they are home with you.