Sunday, August 20, 2006

They Know

On Thursday we got the message from Julie in Addis that the girls got their welcome bags, which means they know they have a family, and they know who we are. They also have picures of us to look at for hours each day.

Julie's message said:

They got their welcome bags yesterday, we have pics for you but Rich took them on his camera and I didn't download them. The girls are so very happy! Marta shared her pictures with me with such a beautiful smile! Much happiness for your two now!

I wanted to wait on this post until I have pictures of them opening their bags, seeing us for the first time, but Rich & Julie are swamped over there right now, so those will have to wait. This pic is from Julie's visit with the girls a month ago.

It is such a relief and brings us much peace to know that they know who we are. There is still much uncertainty for them beyond what a picture can tell, but it is something to start with.

I pray that God gives them the same head-over-heels kind of love for us that He has given us for them.



Erin said...

They are so beautiful and they really look like they have a wonderful bond. It is SO exciting to know that they know about you and your family. Belane got her photo album and welcome bag last week too...we don't know how much she'll understand at her age, but it's exciting to know she is looking at our pictures.

Are you guys going on any trips over to visit the girls, or are you just waiting until you can travel to bring them home? Will Marta come home first?

You are all in our prayers. :)


richlisad said...

Erin - I almost went over last month to see them, but that was my only window of opportunity before the end of the year. I hope to travel and bring home Marta ASAP, which I hope is before Christmas. Then Meklit will come when her waiver is done.

If they were together, we might reconsider, but with them seeing each other rarely, we think we need to get Marta home when we can.

Hopefully Belane will absorb more than would be expected of such a young one. Her little spirit can know so much more than we think, so keep praying into her, and we will do the same.

Thanks for the encouragement.


KelseyChristine said...

Congratulations! Your daughters are beautiful and obviously love eachother very much. I'm sure they can't wait to be HOME.

PastorMac's Ann said...

They are indeed beautiful. Congratulations! Came here via Babyssinia: Juleah's Journey Home.

I so thrilled for you. Godspeed in bring them home!

Heather said...


Your post has inspired me to write a blog entry about this very topic (what it's like when our adopted kids finally know that they have a family waiting). Truly a glimpse of how God must feel as He desperately loves people who haven't heard about Him yet. Everything changes in their little lives when they find out that they aren't rejected and abandoned any longer because somewhere out there, a Mommy and Daddy are coming for them to make them their very own. Wow!