Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Uganda Orphans Fund

We have recently been supporting The Uganda Orphans Fund through some product sales they do and I thought I would give them a plug. Proceeds from the sales of their coffee and necklaces go to support their mission, which is:

Our goal is simple and straightforward: to continue building orphan homes and provide care for these needy Ugandan children as long as it takes to see them all housed and provided for.

The daughter of some of our friends recently got back from a mission trip to Uganda to visit many of the orphanages they run, and through their church we got wind of this organization.

Now it is the only coffee we are drinking, and it is awesome. I drink it really dark with sugar, Ethiopian style, while Lisa prefers hers as a wet cap preferrably served while still in bed.

The necklaces are simple and beautiful, and we have given them to everyone who is praying for our girls. Meklit and Marta are loved greatly and being prayed for lots because we have gone through lots of necklaces!

If you want to check them out, the link is above, or over there to the right under The Real World.


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